We’re delighted to announce the launch issue of our sister publication Mersey News Live magazine – formerly known as Liverpool Life, writes lifestyle reporter EMMA DUKES.

It’s a new academic year and we’re back in the newsroom, ready to provide you with great content from across Merseyside.

We’re certain that, after a year working in our pyjamas, you’re going to love it just as much as we do!

This week’s issue is filled with great content, from giving you the lowdown on RATS – the band, not the rodents – to a sneak peek of the festival that celebrates everything Ireland.

Discover what gigs are like post-lockdown, get clued up on the upcoming local derby boxing match and find out how a local bakery was turned into a musical; learn how to stay safe while out in bars and pubs by asking for Angela, and find out more about dyslexia.

The magazine team are on a weekly rotation, with two groups running the magazine.
Next week you’re in the safe hands of our colleagues. New issues are published every Wednesday, with brand new content made just for you.

Happy reading!

You can read Mersey News Live magazine here


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