Liverpool residents have been expressing concerns that electric scooters could pose some dangers.

The scheme, which launched in October as a joint initiative from Liverpool City Council and scooter company Voi, has been praised for encouraging green transport.

But increasingly there is worry among some of the public that scooters are being dangerously misused by riders.

Molly has been against the scooters since her dad Thomas, 67, fell over one and was injured.

Thomas is blind in one eye and could not move from the sofa for a week after falling, having hurt his back.

Molly said: “Dad really hurt himself. He tore his trousers and took the skin off his knees.

“The scooters are a menace for disabled and blind people.”

The scooter had been left in the middle of the pavement on Smithdown Road.

The ability to park almost anywhere is one of the benefits of the scooters, but also one of the risks.

Molly said: “It takes away disabled and visually impaired people’s independence to move freely in the world.”

Posts about the scooters have filled local Facebook groups, dividing opinion.

Mum Lindsey criticised the use of scooters as a means to intimidate, after her 13-year-old daughter was followed and harassed by an older man riding one.

Lindsey said: “There’s good and bad with everything but they don’t seem to be monitored enough.

“The man who terrorised my daughter was in his 40s. He kept circling her on her walk home from school.

“She was terrified and tried to run but because he was able to speed up on the scooter.

“Now I have to pick her up even in daylight because she’s scared.”

Other residents are happy to see the addition of electric scooters on the streets.

Elderly couple Joy and Stephen think the scheme is exciting and encouraging.

Joy said: “We love seeing people on them. They’re cheap as chips and I’m so excited for the future and the environment.

“Maybe a short lesson should be compulsory the first time but they are the future and the absolute way to go.”

Voi’s website offers advice for safe usage and lists the scooters as 18+ only.

But only a provisional license is required, available from aged 16, and residents have reported seeing school children riding the scooters.

A Voi spokesperson said: “We have seen a growing demand for e-scooters in Liverpool.

“So far, over 460,000 were rides taken, and over 1 million km have been travelled using the Voi scooters.

“Safety and accessibility are a top priority for Voi.

“We have been working alongside organisations such as the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) and Open Inclusion to consider the needs of vulnerable users, particularly those with visual or mobility impairments, children and the elderly.

“Users who leave scooters down on the floor or obstruct the pavement in a way that is causing an obstacle to pedestrians, strollers or wheelchairs, will receive an email containing a warning and an educational message.

“After the first warning, riders who park their vehicles incorrectly will receive a £25 fine.”

Voi say they are committed to safety and have a page where local residents can report an incorrectly parked scooter.

Liverpool City Council has contacted for comment.


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