Community groups in St Helens are being urged to apply for funding for projects from a new government fund.

Liverpool City Region Combined Authority is seeking bids from St Helens organisations to access the £220m UK Community Renewal Fund.

The invitation to bid applies to the whole City Region, but only St Helens is on the Government’s 100 ‘priority places’ in the region.

The fund aims “to support people and communities in need across the UK. It will invest in skills, communities, businesses, and by supporting people into employment.”

There are four key areas looked for in bids:

  1. Investment in skills;
  2. Investment in local business;
  3. Supporting people into employment;
  4. Investment in communities and places.

Applicants are encouraged to maximise the impact of the fund through larger projects worth £500,000+ where possible. It is also desired that projects are revenue based as 90% of the available funding is revenue funding.

The deadline for applications is Monday 17th May at noon and applications must be completed using the national application form.

The funded project must be delivered completely by 31st March 2022. Confidence that this will be achieved is one of the key assessment criteria.

More information about the Community Renewal Fund can be found here.

(Photo courtesy of David Dixon)


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