Liverpool has set out a post-pandemic roadmap to recovery which will build a better, brighter and fairer future for all.

Ten pledges have been set out which aim to make the city’s communities, residents and businesses thrive.

The pledges will be presented in the Cabinet meeting on Friday 5 March, after which teams across the council will bring the projects to life.

The plans will shine a light on where resources need to be invested with a particular focus on health, education, climate and inclusion.

As Liverpool has been one of the hardest hit cities due to Covid-19, pledges will look at green spaces, the digital divide and loneliness.

Acting Mayor, Councillor Wendy Simon, said: “Twelve months ago, Liverpool was growing in confidence and prosperity and seemingly overnight, everything changed.

“Our economy, our culture, regeneration projects – all of them came to a standstill and together we were living through a crisis the likes of which we have never seen before.

“But in the midst of that gloom, this city’s grit and solidarity shone through.

“Liverpool was quick out the blocks, positioning ourselves as an exemplar of how to invigorate a flagging hospitality and leisure sector, and how to tackle a virus head-on by embracing mass, rapid testing.

“These ten pledges are a way of us homing in on key areas that need to be invested in and supported – areas which will have the biggest, positive impact on lives and will turn the tide on inequality.

“They are Liverpool’s roadmap, and it’s a route not only to recovery but to also building a better, brighter future for everyone.”

The ten pledges are-
  • Well Liverpool
  • A Strong and Thriving Inclusive Economy
  • The Comeback
  • The Great Outdoors
  • Succeeding at School
  • Get Connected
  • Good Food, Warm House
  • Next Generation Neighbourhoods
  • Opening Closed Doors
  • All Voices

The pledges follow last year’s City Plan where the council outlined their ambition for the long-term future of Liverpool.

Liverpool City Council’s Chief Executive, Tony Reeves, said: “These pledges complement the plan, sharing the values around the determination to build a stronger, fairer city which is innovative, hopeful and compassionate.

“We all want to make Liverpool the best city it can possibly be, and to achieve this we need to work together, embrace new ways of thinking and look ahead to a brighter future for us all.”

To find out more about the city’s pledges, click here.

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