Shielding is to be extended to March 31 and almost 4,600 people have been added to the shielding list in Liverpool.

Improved modelling has led to more people being identified as clinically extremely vulnerable (CEV).

People more susceptible to developing Covid-19 will be contacted by email and letter and advised on the precautions they should be taking.

50,000 people are currently shielding in Liverpool and will be recommended to continue to do so until March 31.

The new additions to the shielding list have a combination of risk factors including existing conditions, BMI, and ethnicity.

The model developed by Oxford University uses postcodes as a possible indication of deprivation.

Those added to the list will be prioritised for the Covid-19 vaccine.

They will also have access to priority supermarket and medical deliveries, and will receive a letter to access statutory sick pay from their employers.

People concerned about being added to the list should contact their GP directly.

A further 1.7 million people have been added to the list nationally.

Feature image by LivingOS.



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