A mother of three from Stockton Heath has started a blog, ‘The Big ‘C’ Word Girl,’ to share her cancer journey.

Sarah Clare was diagnosed with a very unusual form of anal cancer.

Originally going to the GP due to a change in bowel habits, Sarah was referred to the colorectal team at Warrington after a small lump was found.

After biopsies and various scans, Sarah was told she had a malignant melanoma in her anal canal.

Sarah, 45, was admitted to The Christie NHS Foundation Trust where it was decided that she needed an operation for a stoma.

After her operation, she then started immunotherapy which she will undergo over 12 weeks.

Sarah started her blog to inspire those experiencing a similar journey to herself and spread positivity through her humorous personality.

She said: ‘‘I always say this disease can fight me and take away things, but it can’t take my sense of humour.

‘‘I guess I just kind of want people to see this journey and maybe know what to expect if it happens to them or a family member.’’

The blog contains daily updates from Sarah, including honest accounts of some of the down days that she has experienced.

She added: ‘‘Don’t get me wrong there are days when I don’t want to get out of bed, but I’ll bounce back (metaphorically speaking only) the day after.”

Stockton heath mother cancer
Sarah Clarr.’’

Sarah’s positivity has already had a huge reach.

Her blog currently has 726 Facebook likes and 767 followers, within just three weeks of starting it.

The blog has also led to many strangers reaching out to Sarah offering her messages of love and support.

Sarah said: ‘‘It definitely makes you feel more determined to fight on.’’

Sarah, who has been an airline cabin crew for TUI for 22 years, added: ‘‘I absolutely love my job, it is a way of life and a huge part of me.’

‘‘It is a big part of my motivation to get me well again.’’

Sarah’s advice to those battling through a similar journey to herself is: ‘‘Take a deep breath and try not to be reactionary.

”Take each day as it comes and make little milestones to achieve.

‘‘Don’t think about the bigger picture if you can help it, just remain positive and still laugh!’’

You can visit Sarah’s blog here.


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