St Edward’s College is closed today as teachers have made a dispute over pupils poor behaviour.

The National Education Union and 60 members will strike because of concerns on a trade dispute and pupil behaviour.

Bora Oktas, the Regional Officer believes that the college’s management has been “inadequate” in addressing pupil behaviour and staff safety.

Oktas said: “Unfortunately, the college’s management of poor pupil behaviour and staff safety has been inadequate.

“The employer’s failure to implement agreed-upon resolutions has left staff and pupils at risk.”

Oktas believes that the management at St Edwards has taken any good will which members have brought to the table “for granted”.

He said: “They came to the negotiation table with genuine intentions, but unfortunately, the employer has taken their good will for granted.

“Although the employer signed this agreement in February, progress has been sluggish due to some CLT members dragging their feet in implementation.

“We find it disappointing that the employer has not honoured the spirit of the resolution agreement.”

Regional Secretary, Peter Middleman, said: “This strike is always a last resort. But the safety of our members and the children they serve is paramount.

“Our members are passionate about their work, and they have given the employer every opportunity to reciprocate.

When faced with broken promises, industrial action unfortunately becomes necessary.”

Joint Branch secretary of Liverpool NEU, Graham Copsey, echoes the fact that parents of pupils of St Edwards would not want their children “educated in an unsafe environment.”

Copsey said: “We urge the employer to act swiftly. Implementing the resolution agreement is crucial to avoiding further disruption.”

The NEU will be striking over four further dates, the 25th and 30th of April and 1st and 2nd of May.

The NEU have stated that they remain hopeful that that an agreement can be reached to end this dispute.

MerseyNewsLive has approached St Edwards College for a reply.

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