Liverpool Philharmonic has announced a new partnership to support its In Harmony scheme.

In Harmony uses orchestral music to provide children from lower economic backgrounds with professional mentoring and music lessons to help them to gain valuable skills and self-confidence.

The charity will receive “sizeable investments” from The Karlsson Játiva Charitable Foundation from 2024-2017, through their Signatur Programme.

The grants will focus on the development of Youth Hubs and Talent Development, which was launched by Liverpool Philharmonic in 2022.

Erland Karlsson, Trustee and Founder of The Karlsson Játiva Charitable Foundation said: “This support will hopefully further open up opportunities for many young people in the Anfield and Everton areas to pursue their ambitions in music and other strands of life.”

A 2019 study revealed that In Harmony has improved the life chances of children and young people with outcomes including increased confidence, wellbeing, skills and resilience.

Michael Eakin, CEO of Liverpool Philharmonic, said: “The support of like-minded organisations is crucial in allowing us to best serve our communities through the transformative power of music.”


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