Is Ellesmere Port home to one of the UK’s haunting hotspots? A paranormal researcher and LJMU visiting professor thinks so.

Paranormal researcher, Professor Rob Gandy, has conducted an investigation into ghostly sightings on an Ellesmere Port road.

Previously featured in MerseyNewsLive, Professor Gandy has a keen interest in paranormal and anomalous phenomena, mostly road ghosts and phantom hitchhikers.

The article, due to be published in the Fortean Times, concerns eight local cases to Rivacre Road in the port town.

Whilst unable to indulge the full details of his yet-to-be-published work, Professor Gandy was able to give a few haunting hints to its contents.

He told MerseyNewsLive: “A mother and daughter were driving at night and saw a pair of headlights coming towards them and they turned sharp right.”

“When they got to where it had turned, they had a look for the road or gateway but there was nothing there. Just hedge.”

This story, along with several others, was corroborated by further sightings.

Serendipity plays a role in selecting locations to research, with the spark for this new idea coming from word-of-mouth after a conversation with a local shopkeeper.

He said: “I liken it to chasing the dragon.

“Sometimes you get a sniff and let it pass you by, but if you follow your instincts you could come back with a story.”

His callout for stories reached far and wide, drawing responses from contributors from as far away as South Africa.

Professor Gandy has contributed to both the 40-year-old publication the Fortean Times, along with the Ghost Club Journal.


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