Market closure (c) Sophia Sciolti
Market closure (c) Sophia Sciolti

Liverpool city council closed St John’s Market on Monday with immediate effect. 

St John’s Market which has been open since 1969, came to an abrupt end after an ongoing rent dispute dating back to August 2020.  

The 43 tenancies at the market have been forced to cease trading and now must arrange a date and time to collect their remaining stock from the market hall. 

St John’s Shopping Centre leases the market to the council, which is now costing around £1m a year to subsidise.  

Liverpool city council said it has made multiple attempts to offer negotiation over the repayment of the debt. The latest was sent in January, where the 43 traders were given a 30-day deadline to enter into “meaningful negotiations”. 

The council claims only one business in the market has been up to date with payments  – the council is looking into relocation for this trader.  

The market is now closed to the public but the council “remains committed to a viable and sustainable future use for the site” and says it is looking into all options for the re-opening of the space. 

The rest of St John’s shopping centre is still open to the public for regular use and has not been affected by the closure.

Featured image (c) Sophia Sciolti


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