(c) Ross Martin
(c) Ross Martin

Liverpool’s vibrant music scene is seeing artists up and coming in dramatic numbers, including alternative rock artist Ross Martin.

Ross, who describes himself as a “one-man band”, is best known for busking in the city centre and releasing his own EP ‘Unfiltered’ and single ‘Just For Fun’ in 2022.

Ross’s work has reached over 1,000 streams combined on streaming platforms due to his own unique sound through his curiosity for multiple genres.

He said: “My infatuation is with diverse musical genres – ranging from Reggae, Soul, Motown to hip-op and drum and bass. My music has no boundaries.”

His enthusiasm towards music comes from a young age through his father’s musical roots.

“This passionate connection to music is a part of my lineage, as my father, a session bass player during the 1960s and ’80s, influenced me greatly,” he added.

Ross is an artist who has been driven by his own motivation which has made him proud of the authenticity he includes in his music: “It is a point of pride for me that every musical endeavor I have undertaken, from creation to performance, has been entirely self-driven.”

(c) Ross Martin
(c) Ross Martin

He continues saying, “This autonomy has emboldened my artistic vision and propelled me forward on an unwavering path of self-expression and creative autonomy.”

While continuing to grow his music, Ross Martin hopes that he can leave a growing impact in the music industry.

“I am eager to leverage my diverse skills set, unwavering dedication, and profound love for music for to carve out a lasting impact within the music industry”.

Featured image (c) Ross Martin


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