Jason Allen busking (c) Mollie Savage
Jason Allen busking (c) Mollie Savage

Liverpool One are offering buskers the chance to take to the streets at 12  locations across the city through their new busking scheme.

The idea behind this is to provide a ‘ backdrop of music’ for the visitors of the city.

Whilst buskers can regularly be spotted throughout Church street, these spots are unregulated and the musicians are not always guaranteed a spot.

These 12 new pitches are regulated and the buskers who are successful applying for these spots will have opportunities to perform at larger events and benefit their music career further.

Liverpool One aims to celebrate the city’s heritage and local talent across the city, and the Liverpool One live busking programme is hoping to reinforce this.

Busking (c) Mollie Savage
Busking (c) Mollie Savage

If a busker is approved for the scheme, they have to book the spot in advance and give a maximum of two week notice as to when they will be busking.

It’s a great way to show off the city’s musical talent to the locals and those visiting the city.

Featured image (c) Mollie Savage



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