Podcast studio (c) MNL
Podcast studio (c) MNL

The news that King Charles has been diagnosed with cancer is the theme of this week’s MNL podcast.

The king has recently been in hospital following an operation on an enlarged prostate that was not cancerous and was due to return back to his duties at the end of this week.

It is not known yet what type of cancer the king has or what stage it is but Buckingham Palace confirmed that it is not prostate cancer.

The king will be postponing public engagements for the foreseeable future but will still continue his duties as head of state including paperwork, red boxes and private meetings.

It is reported that Prince Harry has landed in the UK to be with his father after learning about the diagnosis.

We took to the streets of Liverpool to get the public’s thoughts on the diagnosis – listen to our audio report here:

You can also listen to the MerseyNewsLive podcast here:

Featured image: Wikimedia Commons


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