(C) Chester Zoo
(C) Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo has been awarded a partnership grant from charity the Westminster Foundation.

A total of £532,179 was given to the world-class attraction to help support 4,500 young people learn about conservation.

The five-year partnership will give regular access to education based around nature and wellbeing for people aged seven to 25.

Charlotte Smith, director of conservation education and engagement at Chester Zoo, said: “Right now we’re facing a global biodiversity crisis. Never before has nature been in need of more help.”

The zoo has in recent years worked to incorporate environmental education into the national curriculum.

Charlotte added: “It’s vitally important that we help to foster a connection to nature in children and young people and empower them to make a difference.

“We must equip the next generation of conservationists with the skills, knowledge and confidence required to ensure a greener, more sustainable and brighter future for our planet, both for people and wildlife.”

The animal sanctuary shares guidance online of what can be done by the public to make a ‘greener future’.

The zoo is home to over 500 species of animals and hosts over one million visitors every year.

Ticket prices vary from £2.27 to £27.27, with options for donations.

Featured image (c) Chester Zoo


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