ChristmasMusic star Tim Burgess swapped his microphone for an apron this afternoon as he served various coffees and sweet treats to help raise money for homeless people in Merseyside.

The Charlatans’ lead vocalist visited Paper Cup coffee shop located near Queen Square and greeted supporters throughout the day.

Paper Cup coffee is an independent coffee shop run by Michelle Langan. The charity she leads, the Paper Cup Project, donates all the proceeds of coffee sales go towards helping the homeless crisis in the area.

Paper Cup Coffee (c) Olivia Shaw
Paper Cup Coffee (c) Olivia Shaw

The shop was opened in early 2022 and has been supported by the Charlatans music legend ever since he first discovered about it on X (formerly known as Twitter.)

Tim soon got involved and actively supported Michelle’s charity to help tackle the growing issue of rough sleepers.

He told MNL: “I first came across Michelle and saw what she was doing, and saw that just something as simple as coffee can help people.

“I offered my services to work behind the counter, I’m not the greatest coffee-maker in the world but if I can just do a little bit to help then it’s okay.”

The music icon will be performing alongside Sea Lowe at the University Mountford Hall this evening.

Watch Olivia Shaw’s video report here:

Featured image (c) Olivia Shaw


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