With Christmas around the corner, what better way to feel the cheer than attending a pantomime – but how do you know which are just as much fun for the adults as the kids?

Well, after watching the performance last night I can say that Goldilocks and the Three Bears at the Epstein Theatre, starring and directed by Olivia Sloyan, almost had the adults laughing more than the children.

This was my first time in the Epstein Theatre, and I was surprised at its small size at first but once I took my seat and got comfortable, the smaller venue allows for the feeling of joyfulness and excitement to take over. Once that curtain went up, I was entranced.

Goldilocks and the three bears panto
The Cast © David Munn

It was the definition of entertainment and hit every classic trademark of the British panto, with the goofy best friend Silly Billy, hilarious Dame Gertie played by Britain’s Got Talent Mamma G, despicable villain Baron Von Vippemall and the magical love story ending.

Goldilocks, played by Olivia Sloyan, works at her mother’s circus, which is in financial danger as a rival circus comes to town, run by the villainous Baron.

He has lost his main act, the talking bears, and once Goldilocks comes across their “just right” cottage, she rescues them and finds love along the way.

goldilocks and the three bears
Ring Master © David Munn

Each member of the cast had their moment to shine, and they exceeded as such. In his second pantomime with Regal Entertainment, Hollyoaks star David Tag did not disappoint with his dance moves, singing ability and comedic timing.

The cast had amazing stage presence and interacted with the audience throughout the show, complete with acrobats, fire dancers, three Scouse bears, a talking bee, and gifts for the children.

I don’t believe I have ever laughed so much at a pantomime

The children, of course, fell in love with Goldilocks, the Ring Master, Silly Billy and Dame Gertie, who all gave fantastic performances. The lovable best friend is usually the main event at any pantomime, always leaving the audience laughing … but the villain takes the crown at this show.

goldilocks and the three bears panto
Baron Von Vippemall © David Munn

In a surprising twist, the Baron Von Vippemall – played by Blood Brothers’ Timothy Lucas – was the star of the show for me. The moment Timothy took to the stage he immediately captured the audience’s attention, having everyone in uncontrollable laughter and left them wanting more.

I don’t believe I have ever laughed so much at a pantomime.

The story line did not follow the traditional tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, but deviated from it in the best way.

The play somehow finds a balance between keeping the atmosphere incredibly entertaining and full of hilarious innuendoes while hinting at relevant and serious issues.

Fun for all the family and a must-see this festive season!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. 

  • Shows are on until Sunday January 1 2023 and tickets start from £18. Click here to find out more.

Featured Image: David Munn 



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