Merseyside experienced its highest winter temperatures of 17 degrees this week. People are now asking whether climate change is impacting our winters.

After the high temperatures, floods are now expected in Warrington and Northwich with torrential rain expecting to fall.

This is expected to lead to more road traffic accidents happening up and down the country. The M62 eastbound was a victim to an accident this morning due to the bad weather.

Watch Annie Davies’s video report:

UK winters are expected to become warmer and wetter due to the increasing greenhouse gas levels and changes to land use which cause climate change to become an even bigger issue.

Data so far suggest this year’s winter is milder than average.

In 2019, the London recorded a record high of 21.2C in winter. This beat the previous record of 20.6C at Trawsgoed, near Aberystwyth which was recorded the day before.

On average the global land temperatures have increased by over 1 °C since the Industrial Revolution.

Featured image by Catrin Jones 


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