A Liverpool theatre company is using the power of performance to educate young people on the dangers of knife crime.

Perception Theatre’s production of ‘Cut’ is touring schools in Liverpool this month, funded by Merseyside Police.

The play centres on knife crime and violence and explores how a needless dispute at school leads to the stabbing and death of a teenager.

The company say they want to “spark conversation, challenge perceptions and raise awareness”, according to their website.

Perception Theatre was founded by Bobbie-Lee Scott, who wrote the play, and Joe Roberts, who directed ‘Cut’.

‘Cut’ was written in 2019 but after complications due to the pandemic the play was delayed.

The story is even more relevant now, following the death of 12-year-old Ava White in December.

“It’s a story that we’ve revisited because its an issue that’s never gone away”, Mr Roberts said.

“We were touring down south with another company and every time we came back to Liverpool it was like another young person had been stabbed and killed,” he added.

Cast member Ben Quigley-Buckley says the play reinforces the important relationship between theatre and education.

“Theatre is an art of expression, and it’s so much more accessible than a teacher sitting down and telling someone not to carry a knife”, he said.

Writer of ‘Cut’ Bobbie Lee-Scott is delighted with the initial feedback from the show.

“Young people said they found it engaging, and really recognised and identified with the characters,” she said.

Perception Theatre believe this play is very important for young people in this city.

“Scousers wear their heart on their sleeve, and in order to spark real change we need to see characters who are Liverpool, who are real,” Mr Roberts added.


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