A Vietnamese people smuggler has been jailed after putting migrants to work on his cannabis farm.

Tuan Anh Do, 55, from Manchester, has been sentenced to 11 years in prison today following investigations by the National Crime Agency.

Do had been working with North West based criminals to smuggle migrants from France to work on his farms.

He was convicted of conspiring to facilitate illegal immigration and was found guilty on two counts of conspiring to produce Class B drugs.

Undercover NCA officers infiltrated his operation and discovered numerous cannabis farms in the North West area.

NCA Operations Manager Jon Sayers said: “Put simply, people smugglers put lives at risk.

“They see migrants as a commodity to be profited from and have no care for the safety of those they move. We have seen the tragic consequences.”

Mark Vella, 57, was also charged with 23 months in prison, two years suspended in connection with Tuan Anh Do’s operation.

Image: National Crime Agency


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