Eastman library
Credit: Barbara Langley

The fate of Eastham Library, Wirral, will be decided next week.

Wirral Council Budget Committee will meet on Monday, 27 February to ratify the proposals of the Council’s Policy and Resources Committee, including the future of Eastham Library.

Nine of the borough’s libraries closed in October 2022 However the council says that further closures are not expected.

During a tense meeting, councillors debated the approval of a budget forwarded by Labour.

Eastham is one of the oldest villages on the Wirral Peninsula. In the 2021 Census, it had a population of 13,928 and there are concerns that closing its library could have consequences for the future of the local community.

Library user Janet Edgar, 66, a retired English teacher, said: “My local library is in Bromborough but is now shut, so I have to travel to Eastham to access the library services.

“If this one shuts, that is the end.

“There is only a bus every hour to allow me to come to Eastham.

“When I worked, my job was to teach English. So to me, reading is very important.”

It is not the same experience reading a book on Kindle and reading a book in the library.

“It would be unfortunate to see the library close down.”

The Library Manager for Wirral Council said: “The Council Policy and Resources Committee on 15 February agreed that the proposals for libraries were not taken forward, although this decision will require ratification at the Budget Committee on the 27th of February.

“So, there is expected to be no closures of any libraries – including Eastham.”


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