More than three quarters of residents in the North West have said their cost of living has increased, according to a recent survey.

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) have collected data from across Great Britain about the increase in the cost of living.

This data comes after inflation hits an 30-year high.

The North West, alongside Yorkshire and The Humber and the East Midlands, have the highest percentage of people who say their living costs have increased.

Just 62% of London residents say their living costs have increased.

Across the UK, the most common reason reported by adults for the cost of their living increasing was due to an increase in the price of their food shopping. 

A total of 89% of residents in the North West have said their price of food shopping has gone up. 

While, 80% say their gas and electricity bills have increased and 76% say their outgoings on fuel have increased. 

The ONS data is raising concerns that residents in the North West are having to make the choice between heating and eating. 

Some 31% of those surveyed in the North West said to have been forced to spend less on food shopping and essentials. 


Mr Arwan from Micah Liverpool, a social justice charity which provides emergency food aid, told Merseynewslive they are facing challenges at the moment due to the increased living costs.

Micah normally support mostly refugees and asylum seekers, but Mr Arwan said: “We’re seeing more locals at the moment than we ever have done before.”

He said: “There’s definitely challenges that we’re facing due to increased numbers and numbers that we aren’t expecting.

“We prepare for the foodbank and expect to see 250 people but we could see upwards of 300 and we just have to make our provisions last.

“We’re not able to cover all of the food parcel with purely donated food.”

The number of adults reporting an increase in their costs of living has increased by 21% over the past four months. 

Some 62% of adults in the UK reported an increase in living costs in November 2021, compared to 83% in March 2022. 

The ONS conducted this survey between January 7 and February 27 2022, with more than 13,000 adults in Britain.  

Micah accept food donations at both the Liverpool and Metropolitan cathedrals if you wish to donate.

Featured image under creative commons license. 


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