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This week is Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week across the UK.

Hundreds of events are taking place across the country as organisations, charities, schools, businesses, community groups and individuals promote the #itsnotok campaign.

The awareness week also promotes healthy discussions and will shine a spotlight on what can be a very hidden subject.

Merseyside Police revealed that in Merseyside the highest reported crime during December 2021 was violence and sexual offences which totalled 5,899.

Numerous groups and organisations across Merseyside dedicated to helping survivors.

A spokesperson for RASA Merseyside told Merseynewslive: “We have had an increase across Merseyside from previous years, but we have found that over many years every quarter brings more referrals than the quarter before.”

They added: “There are just more people willing to come forward now they know there are effective services in place.”

Merseyside’s Police and Crime Commissioner Emily Spurrell tweeted:

If you require any assistance or support as a sexual violence or sexual abuse victim, please contact RASA Merseyside on 0151 666 1392.


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