Wordle is the latest online trend to take over social media and has become a global sensation.

The brainteaser, which is free to play and features a daily word puzzle, started with only 90 daily players, but participants have flooded in since then, with three million loyal gamers using the online brainteaser.

Now, local communities have joined in on the trend too. St Helens Borough Council has been posting a daily Wordle challenge for its Facebook community groups.

The region’s Borough Council team said: “As the council’s communications team, we’re always looking at creative ways of improving interaction with residents and that has often meant jumping on the back of popular crazes like gifs, memes and most recently Wordle.

“Over the space of a week, we challenged followers on our Facebook and Twitter pages to guess five letter words associated with our borough – from ‘rugby’ (Saints) to ‘Vegas’ in honour of much-loved St Helens-born comedian, Johnny Vegas.

“This was put together using an online digital template creator to make it look as close to the real format as possible and it was great to see such a positive engagement, with a number of responses each day.

“Games like Wordle are an excellent tool for brain training exercise, which is important for our health, so we’re delighted that we could successfully deliver our own version, offering a bit of fun and a distraction from everything that’s going on in the world right now.”

Wordle was created by Josh Wardle, a software engineer who used his talents to develop the game to meet his partner’s passion for puzzles.

It started as a simple game for the two to enjoy, but since then it has become an online sensation.

The aim of the game is to guess the five-letter word in six tries or fewer.

If you guess a letter wrong, the box will turn grey; however, if you guess correctly, the box will turn green.

Once you guess the five letters correctly, you have won Wordle for the day.

The word is the same for each player, meaning they compete against each other to have the best marks.

Gamers have also taken on to Twitter to show their enthusiasm for Wordle, with Amy Hart, former Love Island contender and showbiz sweetheart, hopping on the trend.

Wordle has recently been bought by The New York Times Company . It is currently still available to play for free.



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