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Short-term rental units are causing a rise in local housing market prices.

Liverpool is known for its vibrant nightlife and attracting tens of thousands of tourists each year.

This in turn has brought an influx of investors in the city centre, turning residential apartments and office buildings into short-term lets.

Kevin Gilmartin, a resident in Liverpool city centre, said: “I was evicted from my rental property last year and now my new rent is much higher.

“What once was a quiet street with a few restaurants, is now inundated with Airbnb rentals.”

Liverpool has over 500 Airbnb properties currently, with more being added weekly.

But an Airbnb owner in Liverpool who wished to remain anonymous said: “We’re filling a gap in the market, when compared to hotel prices, we are a much cheaper option for Liverpool tourists with much better amenities.

“Yes it has an adverse effect on long-term rental tenants who are being made to move further out in the city, but the impact we have on rental prices is minimal compared to other major investors who are evicting loads of tenants.

“Liverpool is being marketed as an upcoming vibrant city, so it’s no wonder there are so many new short-term accommodation.”

After Liverpool was announced as the host for Eurovision, accommodation for short-term lets and hotels rocketed, with many people having hotel accommodations cancelled in favour of a higher price mark for the weekend.

During today’s budget, it was announced tax relief on holiday lettings will be abolished but renters feel there should be more done to aid residents in the current housing crisis.

Kevin said: “The weekends are so busy now, causing regular disruption to my life. I wish things could go back to the way they were.”

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