Spice Girls exhibit at British Music Experience
Spice Girls exhibit at British Music Experience (c) Ethan Young

A new exhibition has opened at the British Music Experience in Liverpool delving into the extraordinary journey of an iconic girl band who became a global phenomenon.

The Spice Girls began in March 1994 when a simple ad in ‘The Stage’ sought out those who were “street smart, extrovert, ambitious, and able to sing and dance”.

Little did the world know that this would spark the creation of the Spice Girls, a group that would redefine the music industry and empower a generation of girls worldwide.

Running from February 7-September 8, “Girl Power! Spice Girls at 30” tells the Spice Girls’ story through an array of outfits from the private collection of independent curator Liz West.

Liz, the foremost collector of Spice Girls memorabilia and merchandise globally, who embarked on her journey as a super fan at the age of 11, has collected everything from albums to singles and official merchandise.

The heart of the exhibition is Liz’s Guinness World Record-breaking collection, featuring iconic costumes crafted by international designers or commissioned by the Spice Girls themselves.

We are excited to explore the Spice Girls’ meteoric successes

From Sporty to Baby, Scary to Ginger, and even Posh Spice, the costumes are a visual representation of the fearless spirit and individuality that the Spice Girls brought to the forefront.

Elizabeth Koravos, director of BME, said: “The British Music Experience is delighted to showcase the highlights of Liz West’s record-breaking collection of Spice Girls memorabilia through our new exhibition.

“We are excited to explore the Spice Girls’ meteoric successes of the 1990s and the enthralling result. A familiar story that started with a girl band being pressurised and ‘manufactured’ by male-dominated powerful forces but were able to shake it off.”

Liz West added: “I hope this exciting exhibition brings back nostalgia and reminds visitors how influential and lively those five girls are.”

The British Music Experience, housed in the iconic Cunard Building in Liverpool, stands as a testament to the rich history of British music.

With a remarkable collection of stage outfits, instruments, and memorabilia, the museum encapsulates the essence of British pop from 1945 to the present day, including the cultural, fashion, and political impact of its music.

Featured image (c) Ethan Young


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