2024 Pancake Day Race sign. Photo (c) James Hirst
2024 Pancake Day Race sign. Photo (c) James Hirst

Alex Hopkins, a chef at Lunya Lita on the Royal Albert Dock, has today won his third victory in Liverpool’s annual Pancake Day Race.

The race dates back to the 1980s, and was revived in the 2000s. It sees several chefs compete each year, although it is open for registration to all.

Since beginning to enter in 2022, Alex has won first place every time.

“I managed it even with the rule change this year,” says Alex. Two laps were completed around the gardens of Liverpool Parish Church as well as a pancake toppings station.

“I’ve got some mix, so I’ll probably make some pancakes for the staff,” said Alex, when asked if the Shrove Tuesday traditional dish would be offered at the Spanish tapas restaurant where he works.

Watch James Hirst and Thea Graham’s video report here:

Additional reporting by Thea Graham

Featured image (c) James Hirst


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