Local children’s author James Walker has recently published a book called The Girl in the Mirror: Horla’s Visit, being sold in MerseyMade, a shop that sells products created in Merseyside.

James expressed his support for World Book Day, which takes place on Thursday.

He said: “World Book Day has proven to be a great success, it has given an opportunity for many children, including those in poorer countries, to have their first book and discover the pleasure of reading

“Reading is vital and the earlier the child learns the better, as it improves their concentration, increase their vocabulary and provides an opportunity for them to discover so much.

“Not every child is in a good situation, especially those in poorer nations, so reading books can, even if only for a short time, transport them to a better place, where they can forget their worries and hopefully give them a better future.

“I always think that they deserve as good a start as those of us in the West but they don’t always get it.”

For an insight into James Walker’s writing background, watch the MNL video below:


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