An exhibition by the John Moores Painting Prize 2020 winner Kathryn Maple has opened in Liverpool’s Walker Art Gallery.

Maple’s first major exhibition, ‘Under a Hot Sun’, focuses on the extreme environmental situation that the world is currently experiencing.

Her winning artwork ‘The Common’ is a centrepiece of the exhibition, created during the pandemic with a number of her other paintings and collages featured as well.

‘The Common’, the winning piece of the John Moores Painting Prize 2020

Kathryn said: “Some of my works are made up of scraps from other paintings I’ve done in the past that haven’t quite worked out, it’s nice being able to repurpose these.”

After winning the prize in 2020, Kathryn used the £25,000 prize to develop her workspace.

She added: “Winning was such a shock I couldn’t believe it, it has meant I can live off the money I make doing what I love.

“I am so proud to have my work in my own exhibition and seeing all the works framed and not stapled to my studio wall anymore.”

Kathryn Maple, winner of the 2020 John Moores Painting Prize

The John Moores Painting Prize at the Walker Art Gallery

Since 1957, The John Moores Painting Prize has been exhibited by the Walker Art Gallery, showcasing and celebrating the best new British paintings.

Previous winners of the prize include notable artists Rosie Wylie and David Hockney.

Project assistant Katherine LLoyd said: “A lot of the artists don’t enter to solely win the prize, they do it because of the history behind the prize.

“They use it as a way to get their work out there and create a bond between themselves and other artists that enter that year.”

The opening of the exhibition coincides with the open call for artists to enter their work into the 2023 John Moores Painting Prize. The submission point is open now until March 24 2023.

‘Under a Hot Sun’ is on display until March 30 2023 at the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool.



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