Wirral Council have approved plans to extend the number of roads in the borough with a reduced 20mph speed limit to more than 1000.

The proposed speed limits are part of Wirral’s contribution to the Liverpool City Region Road Safety Strategy, which aims to achieve zero road traffic collisions by 2040.

The 20mph plan will also encourage people to live healthier lives in areas of better air quality, whilst simultaneously creating safer and healthier street environments.

Public reaction has not been positive to the scheme, with 610 (66.4%) out of the 919 respondents to the council’s “Have Your Say” survey objecting to the plans.

Respondents’ top reasons for objection to the scheme are that they believe speed limits would increase journey times, it will not decrease air pollution and that it will increase congestion.

Wirral residents have also taken to social media to air their frustrations.



However, there is some support for the scheme, arguing that it will prevent reckless driving and improve the quality of living on the borough.

Voluntary organisation ’20s Plenty for Us’ supports local people who want the 20mph urban speed limit to be imposed.

They have calculated that 20mph limits make a reduction in fuel costs of 10p per mile or up to £247 a year for a daily five-mile urban commute.

On Twitter they wrote: “What a boost to people’s pockets and the economy if everyone says “A little bit slower, a whole lot better.”

Work will begin in Spring this year, beginning with the installation of new signs and road markings.


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