Liverpool Riverside MP Kim Johnson put a question to the Prime Minister in Parliament following the GMB British Gas engineer strike.

Today’s Prime Minister’s questions included a question from Ms Johnson on the government’s stance on fire and rehire practices.

Last week hundreds of gas engineers were sacked from the company following 43 days of strikes for refusing to sign new contracts.

Engineers were striking in protest of a 15% pay cut first proposed in July.

In a statement Justin Bowden, GMB Regional Secretary, said: “That British Gas doesn’t give a toss for either customers or staff is shown by the mass sackings of engineers it needs so badly for customer services that it has suspended the sale of boiler insurance cover.”

Kim Johnson requested that the Prime Minister commit to include proposals to end ‘Fire and Rehire’ practices in next month’s Queen’s speech.

She said in Parliament: “Fire and rehire policies are spreading through workplaces like a virus. The government has called the practice unacceptable, and bully boy tactics.

“But they have refused to take action.”

In response, Mr Johnson requested that the details of the situation GMB engineers were facing be sent over to him, and echoed his previous condemnation.

Also in todays session:

Party leaders all came together to wish the Queen a happy birthday, and express their approval of all six football teams withdrawing from the controversial European Super League.

The PM faced questions from Kier Starmer and other Labour MPs on the recently revealed texts between him and a Conservative supporter on tax rules.

Johnson was clear that he stands by the PPE procurement deal the government carried out at the start of the pandemic.

Feature image courtesy of UK Parliament on flickr.


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