A new mural to celebrate Liverpool’s Chinese Community has been created in the centre of the city.

The mural is located in Great George’s Square in Liverpool’s Chinatown and stands at 50-metres wide and two-metres tall.

It features the image of an ox to mark the Lunar New Year and is spray-painted red, yellow and blue.

The theme of the mural is ‘reunion’, looking forward to the end of lockdown and the reunion of families and friends.

However, it also reflects on the prejudices the Chinese community has experienced during the pandemic.

Acting Mayor of Liverpool, Wendy Simon, said: “Not only will this be a welcome, eye-catching addition to Liverpool’s Chinatown, it will also draw attention to the long heritage of the Chinese community in the city.

“It’s a real celebration of their accomplishments and contributions to the region’s cultural scene.

“It is also a display of solidarity with the Chinese community after what has been a difficult time for many.”

Local art organisations Writing on the Wall and Pagoda Arts worked with local Chinese community groups to design the mural.

There was also involvement from two French artists Alexis Le Pasteur and Lise Le Bonniec thanks to funding from CreArt.

Zi Lan, Chief Executive of Pagoda Arts, said: “The Chinese community are excited to showcase their roots and look forward to seeing the finished artwork.

“We are proud of our heritage and being accepted as part of Liverpool culture.”

Writing on the Wall co-director Madeline Heneghan said: “It’s been a pleasure to work with the Chinese community on this international collaboration.

“Through the aid of digital technologies, creative ideas have been shared across borders and the result is stunning.

“We have been able to bring all ages together in creative activities, developing skills and creating partnerships and networks that will have an enduring legacy.”

Alexis Le Pasteur said: “For our first project abroad it was an honour to work with the Chinese community.

“In these harsh times we feel cohesion is what matters most.

“It was  interesting to work and share with the community to tell their story and show they belong in Liverpool.”

Zap Graffiti – a popular organisation which works with communities across the UK in creating positive mural – has worked with young people to bring the design to life.

The community will officially unveil the mural on Monday 29th March.

Culture Liverpool supported the new artwork. Covid-safe guidelines were in place for the production of the mural.

(Photo courtesy of Pagoda Arts)


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