Liverpool City Council are contacting EU nationals who need to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS).

EU nationals have until June 30 2021 to sign up to the scheme that protects their rights to live, work and access healthcare in the UK.

The council will be distributing postcards about the EUSS to EU nationals as part of their New Relationship campaign.

The postcards will also be sent to food banks and international food shops across the city and will feature a poem used for the campaign’s launch.

The New Relationship campaign offers support to businesses, EU nationals and wider residents following the end of the Brexit transition.

Acting Mayor of Liverpool Cllr Wendy Simon said: “We deeply value the contribution made by European Scousers to our city. They are our colleagues and our friends and we want them to choose Liverpool as their forever home.”

Watch the campaign video below:

To learn more about the campaign visit the council website.



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