Bluecoat (c) Coni Harpham
Bluecoat (c) Coni Harpham

The Bluecoat Gallery have announced their Blue Room tour showing off works from Babak Ganjei and Joshua Clague.


Blue Room is part of their inclusive arts project that supports learning-disabled and neuro- divergent artists.

These tours allow the public to look from the artist’s perspective at the works featured during Bluecoat’s ‘The Lives Of Artists’ season.

From March 16, visitors can take a tour of the gallery that will show works from Babak Ganjei and Joshua Clague.

Additionally, the tour celebrates the launch of ‘Horse Big’. This is Tess Gilmartin’s billboard commission on the exterior of Bluecoat. Her work will feature an array of plants and colourful animal drawings.

At 1pm on the day, guests meet at the Tickets & Information desk and begin the tour of the gallery. Visitors will explore the exhibitions from The Live Of Artists season. The tour will conclude by taking a look at the launch of ‘Horse Big.’

Next, between 2pm and 4pm, the Blue Room artists will invite the guests to Bluecoat’s pop-up gallery and studio spaces.

The artists plan to share their work and get to see the behind-the-scenes of the inclusive arts project.

  • If you’re interested and have any questions in visiting The Blue Room gallery tour and have any questions or specific access requirements, you should  contact [email protected] or call 07549079500

Featured image © Coni Harpham


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