Woodland image by Marcus Woodbridge via Unsplash.com
Woodland image by Marcus Woodbridge via Unsplash.com

An initiative set up to provide woodland for families from urban areas aims to plant 5m trees on Merseyside.

With the help of the Woodland Trust and several regional charities, the Northern Forest project hopes to have the trees planted by next April.

The project is spread across most urban areas in the northern region.

The northern region is home to around 13m people, but they have access to half the amount of woodland compared to the UK as a whole.

Nick Sellwood, who is one of project leaders for the Northern Forest, said: “We want to provide woodland to urban areas, give families the chance to explore and also to improve air quality in those areas.”

The scheme aims to provide nearly a thousand jobs across the region. The trees planted will also help reduce the risk of flooding and make people of north ‘happy’ and ‘healthier’.

Listen to George Morris’s audio report here:

Featured image by Marcus Woodbridge via Unsplash.com


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