A Liverpool City Council committee has voted unanimously to back moves making street harassment a crime.

While local authorities cannot pass laws, a motion, passed by the council’s Neighbourhood Select Committee, asks the five MPs for Liverpool City Region and Merseyside’s Police and Crime Commissioner Jane Kennedy to write to Home Secretary Priti Patel urging her to make street harassment a crime.

Councillor Kris Brown put forward the motion following a report from one of his constituents regarding a man making inappropriate comments to her.

He pointed out that both France and Belgium have seen success in passing a law specifically banning street harassment, with fines being handed out.

The motion also calls for a specific and clear policy to be developed by schools in the area on harassment, and to introduce information on harassment as part of the curriculum.

The committee and chair agreed that the motion reflected the ethos of both the council and the city.

Councillor Kris Brown said: “This is about sending a clear message, and I’m pleased we can have some cross party support.

“The more we can raise awareness on this, the better.”

Image credit: Paisley Scotland on flickr


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